With the corporate world in continuous flux and constantly under pressure to make quantum jumps in quality and customer satisfaction, there has arisen a need for break through strategies that will ensure corporate excellence.
     Six Sigma is one such proven strategy that has added billions to bottom lines.
     Dinfoka has a team of Master Black Belts and Black Belts who are experts in implementing Six Sigma strategy in Service as well as manufacturing organizations.
     Dinfoka has successfully implemented six sigma strategies in fields as diverse as rubber, plastics and engineering industries as well as software companies and delivered savings worth millions.
     Dinfoka undertakes six sigma implementation assignments with guaranteed returns.
The services include :
Assessment of readiness and relevance of Six Sigma
Identification of Projects for Breakthrough results
Selection and training of :
       Black Belts
       Green Belts and Yellow Belts
Institutionalization and project mentoring for assured results

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